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Nursing errors: The many causes of nursing errors

Nursing errors come in many shapes and forms. A nurse thinking she's doing patients a favor by sneaking them a favorite food could actually hurt their recovery, just like one who misses a patient's medication schedule could harm the individual.

Nurses have many responsibilities when caring for a patient. They're meant to follow a doctor's orders, monitor patient recovery and accurately record when medicine or care is given so the doctor can make adjustments if needed. Nurses help create a path of communication for patients, but they have to listen and interpret the patient's feelings while also performing their duties.

How to prevent dog bites

Dogs are not just pets, they're also animals. That means that they can switch into their wild instincts at unexpected moments and attack, causing serious and catastrophic injuries.

However, just because dogs are unpredictable does not mean that the majority of dog attacks can't be avoided. In fact, there are numerous things Great Falls residents can do -- and habits they can teach their children -- in order to prevent a catastrophic dog attack from occurring.

Car accidents can be a literal pain in the neck

You know that image of the man or woman in a neck brace following a car accident? If you've recently been in a serious wreck, you might feel like that person -- you might even be wearing the neck brace!

Whiplash and other kinds of injuries to the muscles and ligaments of the neck are common after vehicle accidents. That's because, with the typical centripetal forces involved in an auto collision, the head can go flying and bouncing around. This can put an enormous amount of strain on your neck and result in painful and long-lasting injuries.

Medication allergies in surgery: Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a serious medical condition that is not only dangerous when you're awake but also when you're under anesthesia. Although you're monitored by medical professionals, your oxygen levels drop to dangerous lows. Without the ability to reverse the reaction, you could lose your life.

Anaphylaxis is life-threatening. As a patient, if you're aware of any medications or materials that you're allergic to, you have to inform the surgeon and those around you. If they then give you the medication you're allergic to, you can fight for compensation.

Social media and personal injury claims: Just *don't* do it

To say that social media plays a vital role in our lives would be a massive understatement. Just look around at your family, your friends and yourself. Unless you're unique, and some of you are, it's likely that you're checking your Facebook multiple times a day.

The problem is if you're an active social media user -- posting frequent updates and pictures -- it could have an adverse impact on your personal injury claim.

Federal study reveals sub-par skilled nursing care a big risk

If you or a loved one is recovering from a debilitating illness or surgery at a nursing facility, you may be interested in learning what the inspector general (IG) of the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) discovered about the quality of care rendered to Medicare patients.

Focusing solely on one month out of 2011 -- August -- the IG determined that when extrapolating the statistics nationally, almost 22,000 patients suffered injuries and over 1,500 died because they were provided with substandard skilled nursing care.

Can you protect yourself from pharmacy error?

Your doctor prescribed pain medication to get you back on your feet after hip replacement surgery. You head into your pharmacist and pick up your prescription before driving home. But how confident can you be that you have the right medication, and in the right dose?

Typically, people trust their pharmacist and take whatever drug is handed to them without question. However, pharmacists make mistakes more often than we like to think, and the consequences can be disastrous. Just how often do pharmacists make mistakes?

What happens after a dog bite attack in Montana?

People say that dogs are "man's best friend," but in reality, dogs can pose a danger to people, especially small children. While the majority of dogs are companionable and trained well enough not to injure people, some dogs are more aggressive.

It only takes a second for a dog to jump over a fence or make a dash when out without a leash, resulting in a severe injury and possibly emotional damage as well. Dogs of any breed can cause serious injuries, especially if delicate areas, like the face, get bitten. When a dog attacks and injures a human, there can be serious consequences for all involved.

How safe are the rides at the fair?

It's an American tradition, here in Montana and elsewhere across the nation, to head out to state and county fairs in the summer and early weeks of fall. Kids and the young at heart of all ages will make their way down the midway, breathing in the smells of cotton candy, funnel cakes and chili dogs.

But the rides are the big attractions, as thrill-seekers line up and purchase all-day ride wristbands to experience gravity-defying swoops and spins in midair.

Do you know what to do after an accident?

It's happened to all of us in some way. We're rear-ended while we sit at a stop light. We see a doctor expecting help but an error makes things worse. We slip in the grocery store when there was no "wet floor" sign.

Accidents happen. But what happens when the responsible party chooses not to be accountable? Do you have rights under the law? If you can't make someone do the right thing even when you try to be reasonable, what options are left?

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